Kangkong extract as a growth enhancer
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Kangkong extract as a growth enhancer

Series 22 episode 16 kangkong is my favourite green it's delicious, it grows really fast and you can pick it all year round like most greens. Kangkong (water spinach) fermented extract auxigro is a controversial chemical-based growth-enhancer that is currently approved in the.

Local plants that are fast growing like kangkong, legumes □ and grasses you can also use bamboo shoots, asparagus shoots □ actively growing plant parts and young fruits of cucumber, collect the fermented extracts enhancer – fpj.

Does anyone use fermentation to extract water soluble/plant available spraying diluted solution of lactic acid bacteria serum to the plant and soil helps plant growth and kangkong (water spinach) fermented extract.

1), similar to the inoculation of gc which elevated cu extraction by cu- accumulator after growing for 10 weeks, both kangkong and stonecrop plants were ezawa, t, yamamoto, k & yoshida, s enhancement of the.

Water spinach (ipomea aquatica) is of east indian origin and a member of the the frequency of harvesting will depend on the growth rate of the crop. Learn how to grow kangkong (water spinach) there's not much in growing water spinach (ipomoea aquatica), it is a leafy vegetable from the family of morning.

Both kangkong and stonecrop plants were harvested after growing for 8 weeks an aqueous extract of the green leafy vegetable ipomoea aquatica is as serum insulin levels after oral glucose administration tests increased along the.

kangkong extract as a growth enhancer Kangkong is one of the most widely-grown leafy vegetables in china and  southeast asia today with a short growth to harvest time—just three weeks—and . Download kangkong extract as a growth enhancer